Website Redesign

INAP asked me to redesign their entire website to focus on their new messaging and company direction. I only designed the site, I managed a third-party vendor to do the developing throughout the project. I met with them weekly to discuss the weekly milestones and to make sure the development stayed on track and met the established due dates.

After going through INAP’s former website I noticed some issues that need to be addressed in the redesign.

  • The color palette was very limited, it was mainly two colors, teal and dark gray.
  • The entire site was very dark, images and sections were black and white in many areas.
  • The buttons were all different colors, on each page you had to figure out what a button looked like.
  • The entire site felt cold and uninviting, there were no images of people to humanize the brand, people are involved in every aspect of their sales and set up process they needed to be shown.

The objectives for the website redesign were:

  • Simply the website and navigation with less pages
  • Brighten up the entire site with lighter colors and more white space in-between sections/elements
  • Define buttons and secondary buttons
  • Use warmer imagery and images of people to humanize the brand

The first step in the redesign, I expanded the color palette with more colors.

The second step, I created design patterns to be use throughout the site.

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03-Design Patterns - 3
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The third step, I mocked-up the main pages and worked with the developers and our writer to have the website coded.

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