Lists UI Update

I started with the user experience portion of the project and went through the existing list functionality to determine its strengths and weaknesses. I went to competing websites and tested their list features to determine a starting point. I also used to research best practice.

I worked with the Ace Retail Information Team or RIT. The team is a test group of fifty stores that use new products and provide feedback and suggestions in follow up meetings.

We talked about their wants and needs:

  1. The ability to create lists for B2B customers of products they frequently order to make reordering faster and easier.
  2. The ability to send pre-made lists to B2B customers of frequently ordered products to help them reorder quickly and easily and increase in-store sales.
  3. The list items would not delete when an order is placed, only when a customer decides to delete a list or item.
  4. Shared lists that display the name of the person who created a list and the date the list was created, if a list is edited the name and date will update to reflect the edit date and if another person edited the list.
  5. Add an item to a list from the product listing page as well as the product description page.
  6. Add all items to the cart with one click
  7. Edit a list name

Main List Page

Individual List

Adding to a list on the product listing page, clicking on the heart icon opens the side tray to add to a list or create a new list.

Creating a new list in the side tray.