In-Store Services

The in-store services page list every service available at a specific Ace Hardware store. The old page was static and didn’t always reflect all the services available. There weren’t images or descriptions just a list of key services that a lot of stores offer.

A challenge, the store owners have the ability to add any store services through the back end system creating duplicates or services with very similar names.

The first step was to work with the in-house team that manages the in-store services. I got an approved corporate list to minimize duplicates or similar services.

There are a lot of videos created for services that store owners have requested. I then worked with Creative Services to determine which videos should be added to the in-store services page. They also helped with finding images for each service and writing the descriptions for the services.

The goals for the redesign:

  1. Work with the developers to update the back end system to allow for images and service descriptions to be added.
  2. Eliminate duplicate or similar services.
  3. Show the actual services available at each store.
  4. Use imagery and video thumbnails for easy scanability.
  5. Add in descriptions for vague services.

Videos play inside the page

Secondary services are referred to as “Other Services”

Services available at nearby stores that are not available at your current store are “Services Nearby”.

If a store owner does not add a description that area will be blank.

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