User Portal UI

Client INAP Purpose Design Patterns Project Summary Design Patterns and User Portal Design Role Designer I redesigned the user interface for the INAP customer portal working with the user experience team to give clients a more intuitive experience. The previous version was different systems put together that clients had a hard time navigating. This project was a complete redesign to fix the portal and give it a cohesive ...

Vertical Banners

Client INAP Project Summary Vertical Pop Up Banners Role Designer Location Chicago, IL This was a rush project for a trade show in Las Vegas, the sales team got approval to attend the show at the last minute. I designed and had these banners sent to a printer in Las Vegas in the the same day.

Social Ads

Client INAP Project Summary Social Ads Role Designer Location Chicago, IL This project was a series of ads for INAP's social channels to promote their IT Infrastructure report. I incorporated photos of employees in the data centers to humanize the report.

Infrastructure Report

Client INAP Project Summary Multipage Report Role Designer Location Chicago, IL This is an annual report with a lot of information and data that needs a lot of charts and graphs. I came up with several chart styles so the information doesn't look the same from page to page.

Website Redesign

Client INAP Project Summary Website Redesign Role Designer Location Reston, VA INAP asked me to redesign their entire website to focus on their new messaging and company direction. I only designed the site, I managed a third-party vendor to do the developing throughout the project. I met with them weekly to discuss the weekly milestones and to make sure the development stayed on track and met the established ...

Trendline Redesign

Client Trendline Interactive Project Summary Website Redesign Role Developer Location Portland, OR This was a rare project where I only did the coding and not the design. I coded this in Wordpress and I like to hand code as much as possible and not rely on plug-ins. Plug-ins can break, hand coding will always work. I coded this website so it's ADA compliant and responsive to any screen ...

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