Landing Page

Design choices with analytics I designed and coded this landing page for sales leads. This is the final version after testing form placement, the most responses came from having the form at the top of the page. View the Website

Infogix Redesign

A complete responsive website redesign using the WordPress platform as a CMS. Infogix wanted to update their branding with a complete website redesign, they wanted a website that was easy to navigate, easy to update and responsive. I’m very proud of this website redesign, I worked a little with a developer but the majority of the coding was done by myself. This ...

404 Error

Red Font, Red Font, Red Font. CareerBuilder wanted to give some personality to their error page. I was given direction to use the copy provided and come up with something fun.

Brand Advantage Report

A landing page to request an Employment Brand Advantage report. This is a landing page to increase requests for the Employment Brand Advantage report. The form was quite long so I incorporated it into the design in a simple sidebar so it didn’t take over the entire page.